Our mission is to help businesses find their purpose, define their vision, and grow beyond what they imagine.

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Nathaniel Kendrick

Marketing Specialist

Nathaniel understands the digital space constantly changes and comes alongside businesses to maneuver the ever changing digital market. He has built two businesses, assisted over a dozen startups, and has worked in the digital space for over 5 years.


Jessica Kendrick

Creative Specialist

Jessica comes with a wealth of knowledge, understanding what brands need in order to stand out and speak to their customers. She has successfully launched her first business and wants to help others launch theirs.

How We Operate

We understand that each business functions on different levels. In order to know how to best help your business, we need to know which stage your business falls under:

  • ​Idea: You have an idea but are still brainstorming your options

  • Launch: You've defined your idea and need help getting off the ground

  • Start-up: You've started making sales and are establishing your business

  • Growth: Your business is established and you want to take it to the next level

Once we know where your business falls and where you as the owner would like to take it, then we are able to put together attainable strategies to help your business grow and reach new heights.


Check out the podcast Headway by Catapult Lakeland where Nathaniel was invited to share his expertise on E-commerce. He shares 5 principles of E-commerce that are important to follow if you want your business to be successful. Listen to Part 1 now!


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